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The Tokyo's Freedom Style

Japanese architecture

The Quality Japanese Home

A Japanese architectural studio «Apollo Architects and Associates» has created a minimalistic «White Home» habitation. The ultra-modern architecture of this private house aspires to continue primary Japanese traditions, at preservation of beautiful kinds to surrounding landscape.

Quality Japanese Architecture

The Tokyo Streets

The White Home constructed on one of densely populated small streets of Tokyo (Japan), unites the traditional and absolutely unusual elements with an clear exterior and interior, thus forming its unique atmosphere of the Japanese architecture.

Japanese home

The Minimalistic Architectural Style

On the ground floor there is a compact bedroom into the traditional Japanese style, and also a bathroom, wardrobe and a terrace. Despite the location level, this place gives a beautiful panoramic views.

The interiors filled with a natural daylight are traditionally minimalistic, harmless and are intellectual simultaneously. Thus, the definition of intellectuality of an interior means not only degree of filling by hi-tech systems and the equipment, but also quality of the architectural elements.

The Japanese Minimalism
Japanese interior
Japanese style

SAOTA + Stefan Truen + Antoni Associates = Nettleton 195

Private house

The High-Quality Architectonics

Architectural studio «SAOTA» led by architect Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen in common with studio of design of interiors «Antoni Associates» have executed modern private house «Nettleton 195» in a place the Clifton that in suburb of Cape Town (Southern Africa).

Cape Town
Cape Town, Southern Africa
Modern interior
Modern house
Luxury chair

The Office Interior by «Landau + Kindelbacher»

ICADE, Munich, Germany

ICADE, Munich, Germany

Architectural studio «Landau + Kindelbacher» has executed hi-tech interior design of office of ICADE Company, Munich, Germany.
Realization of philosophy of the company in firm architectural style has found itself not only in a lobby, cafe, conference halls, but also in design of each workplace.

The New Architectural Style of ICADE Company

Architectural project
Architectural style
Conference hall

The freedom character of a building is underlined by bright and elegant colors of an interior. Alternating use of a wooden material, natural stone and Corian® in various elements of design creates natural and warm atmosphere of all architectural project.

The Center of Watersports of 2012 Summer Olympic Games

Olympic pool 2012

The Olympic Pool (London)

Zaha Hadid Architects has executed design of the center of water sports for Summer Olympic Games 2012 in London. The qualitative conceptual swimming pool is inspired by the dynamical form of water movement. The Olympic swimming pool contains 17,500 seats.

Swimming Pool, London, Great Britain

Olympic Games 2012 (London)
Conceptual pool
Swimming pool
Olympic object, London
Swimming Pool, London, UK
Quality swimming pool
Olympic water sports

The Architectural Project of a Hybrid Zone (Singapore)

Marina South Singapore

Marina South, Singapore

The general plan of development of the Marina South (Singapore) was presented by known British architectural studio «Wilkinson Eyre Architects». The project concept leans against uniqueness of picturesque flora and is directed on creations of new value of a city, as one of the basic cultural and tourist centers of the country.

Marina South's Climate Complex

The hybrid complex of the various Eco-systems making a basis of the given architectural project, will allow to function independently with the maximum ecological efficiency.
The ultra-modern project assumes presence of two cooling structures showing an example of climate control in the biggest hothouses in the world.

Marina South
The green project
Flora & Fauna

The climate control zone in Marina South are considers the questions connected not only with flora and fauna of a planet, but also with comfort of life of mankind. The cool and dry structure solves the problems connected with existence and interaction of humans, flora, fauna and various animals, but the damp hothouse zone will be concentrated to flora and planet development as a whole.